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Questions and Answers About Metal Roofs

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When looking at roofing options, you may find that metal roofing stands out for its durability. While metal is becoming more common as a roofing material, it isn’t understood as well as more common options like asphalt shingles. If you are intrigued by metal roofing but still have questions, the following guide may help answer them. Do all metal roofs look like barn or shed roofs? Many people think of flimsy corrugated roofing when they think of metal roofs. Read More»

Why You Should Have Your Sheet Metal Cut Off-Site

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In an effort to maintain higher profits, you may have decided to do everything that you can on-site to cut costs. Although it’s true that handling many things at your factory can help you save money, however, there are some services that are worth paying for. For example, many industrial businesses find that hiring a professional for sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting services is a smart idea. If you aren’t convinced, consider these main reasons why. Read More»

How To Prevent Raccoons From Getting Into Dumpsters

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Wildlife are attracted to the food contained within dumpsters. It’s basically a free meal to them. With raccoons accounting for approximately 36.5% of all reported rabid animal cases, you want to make sure that these little creatures, although cute, stay as far away from your home as possible by making sure that they can’t access the buffet in your dumpster. Here are 3 techniques that you can implement. Rent Dumpsters with a Lock and a Lid  Read More»