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Questions and Answers About Metal Roofs

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When looking at roofing options, you may find that metal roofing stands out for its durability. While metal is becoming more common as a roofing material, it isn't understood as well as more common options like asphalt shingles. If you are intrigued by metal roofing but still have questions, the following guide may help answer them.

Do all metal roofs look like barn or shed roofs?

Many people think of flimsy corrugated roofing when they think of metal roofs. Fortunately, actual residential roofing is much more durable and attractive. Standing seam is probably one of the more popular options. This style consists of flat panels that are connected by a vertical standing seam at regular intervals.

Are there options that mimic traditional roofs?

Yes. You can find metal roofing shingles that resemble asphalt roofing. There are even options that look like clay or metal tiles or that emulate slate.

What color options are available?

Metal roofs come in nearly any color imaginable. You can even find metal tiles that have a crushed-stone coating on them, and this adds dimension to the colors.

Is metal a safe option in lightning-prone areas?

Lightening isn't necessarily attracted to metal, but to the highest conductive item in the area. Using a lightning rod with a metal roof, just as you would with any roof option, is sufficient for safety.

Can metal roofs be damaged by storms?

A major concern may be whether hail or blowing debris can dent or damage a metal roof. Generally, the roof is very durable, so it can withstand most storm damage. Metal isn't impervious though, so dents may happen. Keep in mind that a strike that results in a dented metal roof likely would have put a hole in a less durable material.

Are metal roofs noisy?

Unlike the rain on a tin roof noise that many expect, metal roofs are generally much more quiet. This is because they are designed in a manner that absorbs sound. The insulation quality in your attic will also help dampen noise. While you may hear rain more clearly than you would with asphalt roofing, the sound of the rain will still be a gentle sound.

Can metal roofs handle major snow loads?

The key in snowy areas is roof pitch rather than material. A steep pitch allows snow and snow melt to slide off so that it doesn't weigh down the roof. Metal can actually be better than other options in snowy areas because snow will slide off the low-friction metal surface more easily.

For more help, contact a metal roof manufacturer in your area.