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How To Prevent Raccoons From Getting Into Dumpsters

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Wildlife are attracted to the food contained within dumpsters. It's basically a free meal to them. With raccoons accounting for approximately 36.5% of all reported rabid animal cases, you want to make sure that these little creatures, although cute, stay as far away from your home as possible by making sure that they can't access the buffet in your dumpster. Here are 3 techniques that you can implement.

Rent Dumpsters with a Lock and a Lid 

While some dumpster rentals offer an open lid type of design, others can be locked down and basically impenetrable with a lock and a lid. Keep the lid closed on the dumpsters at all times, and do not hesitate to lock them down. Raccoons have been known to be able to access dumpsters even if you strap the lids down with a bungee cord, so opt for metal chains and a lock if it's available. 

Don't Cheap Out On the Metal

Some dumpsters are made from plastic, whereas others are made from metal. Plastic is much easier to get into and break than metal. If raccoons are prevalent in your neighborhood, don't skimp out on the material, and opt for dumpsters that are made from metal. Keep in mind that the thickness of the metal will also influence its durability and security. 

Store The Dumpsters Inside the Garage

Last but not least, store the dumpsters inside the garage until waste removal companies can come pick them up, so that they are harder to reach. You want to make sure that the dumpsters are placed on concrete blocks, so that they are completely unreachable. If your garage floor is made from asphalt instead of concrete, you may want to keep in mind that the oils and fluids from the waste can penetrate into the pores of the asphalt and damage it. In these situations, place the dumpster on top of a concrete block.

If there is no room inside the garage and you have to keep the dumpsters outside, make sure that you place the dumpsters on top of a concrete block. Most experts recommend that the concrete block should have a minimum thickness of 8 inches


Raccoons are incredibly intelligent and crafty animals, so if you find raccoons in your dumpster even after you have implemented all of these methods, call in a professional wildlife control professional. Do not attempt to handle the raccoons by yourself as raccoons can not only carry zoonotic diseases like rabies, but also have razor sharp claws and teeth and can deliver a nasty bite or wound. For more tips about keeping your dumpster secure, contact a company like TCM Sweeping and Disposal.