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4 Things You Should Know About Using Quad Rings Instead of O-Rings

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When purchasing seals for rotary equipment and other equipment, you might be accustomed to purchasing O-rings. After all, O-rings are very commonly used as seals in a variety of situations. You might have always used O-rings as seals for your equipment, but there are other options that you can check out, such as quad rings. Once you learn a little more about quad rings, you may want to start using them as a replacement for O-rings. For example, these are some of the top things that you should know.

You Can Make the Switch

You might be interested in checking out quad rings instead of O-rings. However, since your equipment might have been designed with O-rings in mind, then you might not think that quad rings are an option. The good news is that you do have the option to make the switch. In most cases, the equipment can be quickly and easily retrofitted to properly accommodate quad rings as a replacement for O-rings.

They Provide a More Effective Seal

When you purchase O-rings, the whole reason why you will be installing and using them is probably that you want to use them to provide a seal. O-rings can be used as seals to prevent pressure or liquids from leaking. They also work for preventing contamination; for example, they can prevent dirt and dust from getting into oil or other fluids, since the debris could contaminate your equipment and cause problems. Even though O-rings do provide a seal, you'll probably find that quad rings provide an even better and more effective seal.

They're Longer-Lasting

O-rings can be quite long-lasting, although how long they last can depend on the type of O-ring that you purchase, the types of conditions that the O-ring is exposed to, and other factors. The good news is that quad rings are typically even more long-lasting due to their design. This is especially true if you purchase good-quality quad rings that are properly fitting and properly suited for the equipment they'll be used with and the conditions they will be exposed to. Overall, once you switch to quad rings, you'll probably find that they last longer than the O-rings that you might have used in the past.

They're a Little More Expensive

O-rings aren't known for being costly, and the good news is that quad rings aren't usually too expensive, either. However, quad rings are sometimes more expensive than O-rings because more material is required to make them. You may just find that they're worth the slightly increased cost, however. 

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