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Why Shoulder Screws Are Sometimes Necessary

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You may be aware that there are all different types of fasteners. Even when you are looking at screws in particular, you might just be surprised to find out about all of the different types of screws that can be found on the market. You might know about some of the more common screws, but you might not know very much about shoulder screws. However, if you work in an industrial environment or if you otherwise work with fasteners a lot, it's a good idea to learn a little something about shoulder screws. After all, they are sometimes required for the following reasons and more.

Sometimes, They Are the Only Type of Screw That Will Work With a Piece of Equipment

When purchasing screws to use with your equipment, you will obviously need to make sure that the screws are, in fact, compatible with the equipment that you are using them with. With some types of equipment, your options are pretty flexible, so you might find that a variety of different types and sizes of screws will technically work. In many cases, though, you might find that equipment actually requires a shoulder screw due to its unique shape and style. In these cases, you will need to figure out what size of shoulder screw is needed so that you can buy what is needed.

They Allow Certain Parts to Move

One of the primary reasons why shoulder screws are made with the design that they have is that they are designed to allow certain parts and components to move like they are supposed to. For example, if there are pulleys or other similar components, then standard, threaded screws might forget the pulleys or other parts from moving like they are supposed to, or they could cause damage to the pulleys or other moving components due to friction and abrasion. Shoulder screws have a long, unthreaded part that works well with moving parts of various types.

They Often Help With Improved Accuracy

Because of their design, shoulder screws make it possible for you to set up tools and equipment so that they are as accurate and precise as possible. Depending on the specific machinery that you're working with, accuracy is often very important. Therefore, shoulder screws can sometimes make a big difference in the overall operation of your equipment and the results that you get when you use your equipment for manufacturing or other industrial purposes.

To learn more, contact a shoulder screw supplier.