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What's Really In Water Jet Cutting Quotes

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Have you ever needed to utilize water jet cutting services? If so, you may have had to obtain quotes. You may have even wondered how the professionals came up with the figures they did for bidding purposes. Whether you are new or old to obtaining parts that are created by using water jet cutting services, it is a good idea to understand the craftsmanship and behind-the-scenes things that could be used to calculate quotes. With a better understanding, you should feel more comfortable with the quotes you receive.


Some specialists may include the cost for materials in their quotes. Depending on the item you are having produced, you may want to provide the materials yourself. For example, you may desire to use a specific material and abrasive, which may be difficult to locate locally. You might prefer to order the materials and have them delivered to the service location. If your water jet cutting professional is going to provide all materials, then you can expect the quote to be higher because you will likely still need to pay for the materials even though they offer to save you time by sourcing the materials.

Consumable Expenses

The machines that are used in the cutting process require electricity and water. Without using these consumables, the contractors couldn't bring your project to life. Other expenses that you should take into consideration include whether or not the professional will need additional support to finish the project. For example, they may need to hire additional help if your project has a strict deadline that is near or if it is a large or complicated project that is too big for one person to complete.  

Quantity of Parts

Perhaps you have a need to place an order for a large number of the same parts. Each of the parts will need to be produced with precision. This means that the actual manpower hours will likely be significantly more than if you only needed one or a few parts manufactured. 

Production Risks

Some projects require precision to the degree that one error during the process could result in the water jet cutting project needing to be started over. This means that time already invested in the project will have gone to waste. For example, if your product is made from glass and it gets damaged during the precision cutting, the materials will need to be scrapped and the project will have to be started over. 

Programming Tasks

The tool will need to be programmed to ensure it is set at the correct tool path. Perhaps you plan to provide the completed programming. It is possible that there could be compatibility issues between the program you use and the one that will be used to create your parts; however, if the saved file you provide is compatible, a contractor may be willing to offer a discount since the task is already completed.

A water jet cutting professional is a good resource to use if you have more questions about the meticulous tasks involved in creating precision parts and products and calculating quotes. Each contractor can also offer more insight on the technology they use and how it will aid in ensuring that your project is a success. For more information, contact a company like Cincinnati Ventilating Company Inc.