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Tips For Choosing The Right Media For Your Abrasive Blasting Needs

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Abrasive blasting services are an effective way to clean heavy equipment and also prepare vehicles to be painted. The process of abrasive blasting involves shooting a substance at a hard surface to remove any grim, buildup, dirt, and grit from that surface. One of the most important decisions you need to make when using abrasive blasting services is the type of media or substrate that you want to use. Choosing the wrong material can lead to severe damage of the surface. If you are attempting to choose a media for your sandblasting machine, consider the following tips to help you make the right choice. 

Pick a Soft Material

When it comes time to clean your surface, it is better to start out with a softer medium than a hard medium. You can always move up to a harder medium, but if you start out with one that is too hard, you can damage the surface of the equipment you are cleaning. For instance, corn cob is a softer material and is often ideal for wood. This material can effectively clean surfaces and will not damage surfaces. 

Choose the Material for the Job

It is essential that you choose the right material for the job. For instance, if you are removing paint from a piece of equipment, you will find that aluminum oxide media is more effective than other options. Aluminum oxide is a sharp media and should only be used on surfaces that will not damage. 

If you are preparing a vehicle to be painted, removing the old paint needs to happen first. Even though you should use aluminum oxide for heavy duty equipment, it is not ideal for vehicles because it can damage the vehicle's body. Instead, you should use plastic, which will help remove the paint from the vehicle without damaging it. Plastic is considered softer than aluminum oxide. 

Avoid Sand When Possible

While sand is used as a medium, it is often not recommended due to a number of health concerns. Sand contains silica, which is responsible for respiratory problems in those who work with the substrate. Sand can also damage a variety of surfaces, so it is often avoided. If you do need to use sand, make sure that you and your employees use a respirator with a mask to avoid breathing in the substance. 

Abrasive blasting services like Steel Coatings Inc are beneficial when it comes to cleaning off surfaces that would otherwise be hard to clean. It is essential that you choose the right type of media before you begin cleaning any surface to prevent damage.