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3 Benefits Of Using Biodiesel As Your Home Heating Oil

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As a homeowner, it is often surprising to learn that you have a choice of heating oil besides the standard oil that you have been using for years. One popular example is biodiesel, which adds a man-made substance to the existing oil; therefore, its use does not require any modifications to your heater. In addition, biodiesel is a non-toxic and easily renewable additive that enhances its base of standard heating oil with excellent results.

The standard oil used in a typical heating system is based on petroleum. Therefore, it is not eco-friendly in its typical form, since it does not burn clean, as biodiesel does. In addition, it will be useful to note that biodiesel is also known as bioheat and biofuel.

#1. It Does Not Take Long To Produce The Biodiesel Additives 

If you have noticed the price fluctuations in recent years of fuel for your car at the filling station or the dramatic cost differences in heating costs from one year to the next, it is important to note that those expenses all relate to the cost of oil. Since it can go up and down very quickly, it only makes sense that it is a good idea to limit the use of oil whenever possible.

#2. Biodiesel is Renewable

Fortunately, biodiesel makes it possible to limit the use of oil, as suggested above. The additives are made of plant-based substances and can comprise up to 20% of the fuel. That means that although you will still be using oil, you will be using much less.

#3. Biodiesel Is Non-toxic

Although biodiesel is standard oil combined with plant-based products by the time it gets to you as mentioned above, and you should obviously not consume or come into close contact with oil at any time, the additive itself is non-toxic. As a plant-based substance, growing and making it is much safer to the workers and others who come into contact with it. That means that while you are making a good decision for the planet by using it, you are also contributing to a safer working environment for many people.

In conclusion, biodiesel is an environmentally responsible and safe way to heat your home. It is composed primarily of the standard oil that is already used to heat many homes and uses a plant-based additive that is man-made. It is not necessary to make any expensive modifications to your oil-based heating system to reap the benefits of biodiesel.