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Renting A Dumpster: Wait That Can't Go In There

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Many people think of a dumpster as a place you can throw away literally anything. Consequently, it is not uncommon for people to rent a dumpster when they need to dispose of items they know are not allowed as part of their traditional trash collection services. Unfortunately, far too many of these people will find themselves in shock when they discover an extreme amount of additional charges on their dumpster rental bill. This is because contrary to popular belief, there are several rules regarding what can and cannot be disposed of in a dumpster. Below you will learn more about what items are acceptable, and which items may result in additional dumping fees. Taking the time to review this information before renting your dumpster can help you to avoid any surprise charges in the end.

Yard Waste Is A Go

Dumpsters are a great place to dispose of any yard waste that will not fit into your traditional trash bin. For instance, if you have recently cleared trees from a portion of you property, a dumpster rental will provide you with a convenient place to get rid of all the yard waste that was produced by this project.

While yard waste can be disposed of in any dumpster, you should know that many waste management companies offer special rates to individuals who will only be disposing of this type of biodegradable waste. Consequently, if you do not intend to use you dumpster for any other purpose, make sure you inform the waste management company of this fact when calling to reserve your dumpster. It may just help you to secure a lower rate.

E-Waste Is A No-No

Are you thinking about finally clearing out all of those old analog televisions that have been collecting dust in you basement or garage for years now? If so, you should know that renting a dumpster will not be an effective way of getting the job done. This is because the law in many jurisdictions requires that electronic waste is recycled rather than just thrown away.

Even if your state does not currently have a law requiring the recycling of electronic waste, there will still be many rules regarding the way this waste is disposed of. Since special precautions must be taken in order to prevent toxins from potentially leaking into the soil, waste management companies will not allow electronic waste to be mixed in with other waste products. Attempting to dispose of these products in your dumpster can result in significant charges since the discover of this waste will require that the contents of your entire dumpster is treated as hazardous waste.

A Final Thought

The two categories of waste discussed above are just a couple of the many types of waste which may be placed into a dumpster. In order to ensure you are aware of exactly what can and cannot go into your dumpster, be sure to request a complete list of what items are acceptable before signing your dumpster rental agreement. For more information, contact Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc. or a similar company.