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Why Your Company Should Start Recycling Scrap Metal Now

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Construction companies are responsible for 40% of waste that hits the garbage yards. When it comes to doing your part to reduce waste, construction companies have the ability to make a major impact when it comes to reducing waste altogether. When companies work on construction projects, they tend to have a lot of leftover metal. Most of this metal is in the form of steel. Steel has the capability of being reused on other projects allowing for it to be recycled. 

Saves Energy

Steel has some great characteristics about it that allow it to remain valuable if in good condition. It takes a lot of energy to refine natural minerals like chromium and nickle that can be found in scrap metal. If a company chooses to start recycling their demolition scrap metal, they can end up saving a lot of energy and raw materials that can be used again. It is important that builders make sure they harvest this scrap metal in a way that doesn't compromise its condition so they are able to use it in other projects. By recycling these materials, a company is also helping with the demand for them. This ensures that the materials are available when needed for other projects. 

Saves Money

When a company chooses to recycle their scrap metal, they are not only able to have these materials for other projects, but they can save themselves money in the long run. Every time a company has to make a trip to dump yard, they are required to pay a disposal fee. These fees add up over time. Every trip to the garbage dump requires fuel. When you don't have to make as many trips, the company saves money on gasoline being used. 

Earns Green Points

Companies who focus on going green can receive green points. These points can turn into dividends because the can get more projects from clients who want to work with green companies. It also allows a company to receive certain certifications that may help them stand out from their competition. 

Common Mistakes

When it comes to recycling scrap metal, there are mistakes that can be made if the company is not familiar with the process. One of the biggest errors companies do when recycling is not separating the different types of metal. Many scrap yards will pay by weight of the materials instead of what the metal is actually worth when you have it in one pile. Sorting the materials can actually put more money in your pocket.

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