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The Best Access Control Options For Securing Industrial Facilities

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Maintaining adequate safety and security of industrial facilities starts at the perimeter. With an appropriate security perimeter, the hazards and liability that comes with pedestrian contact can be eliminated, and control of personnel will always be maintained. But with all of the options for access control available on a commercial market, it's good to know the ones that work best for securing industrial facilities.

Gate Operators

From chemical manufacturing and processing to nuclear power, industrial facilities demand maximum security to operate effectively and safely. The first line of defense for any industrial perimeter should always be fencing. But you should also know that the gate, or access point, is the weakest part of your defense.

Install gate operators that can accommodate the heavy weight and long fencing spans that compose an industrial gate. Heavy-duty vehicular gate operators are optimal where you see high-volumes of traffic flow, including trucking and industrial equipment, and enhanced safety options should always be included to ensure injury doesn't occur during routine operation.

Entry Management

Having a reliable gate operator is important, but having reliable entry control is crucial. Though you can have a gate operator that is a solid workhorse for any industrial facility, having entry control options will help restrict access even further.

Consider entry control options that include communication devices, like a telecom or camera access device, so visitor access can be granted as-needed. For personnel, you should consider including entry control options like card-readers, fingerprint scanners, or code controls.

Parking Control

Using parking control accessories are effective means in reducing mishaps around industrial facilities, in addition to managing the flow of traffic. Parking control options are necessary in industrial facilities management, even if traffic is constant, because they help to restrict access to specific areas within the gates of the facility and provide flow within confined areas.

Warning signs that give speed or directional limitations can help you effectively manage the flow and access to an industrial facility. Barrier arms and traffic spikes are other parking control options that can be helpful in eliminating incorrect traffic flow or unrestricted personnel also.

In managing an industrial facility, using a concerted approach to protection and safety is ideal. So industrial facilities should include as many control methods as possible to facilitate automation, elevated safety, and enhanced security where necessary. Whether you're managing a new industrial facility or want to upgrade an aging one, consider employing all of the options, from places like Eastco; Mfg Corp, above to get the best results.