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Important Considerations When Renting A Crane For Your Construction Site

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If you own or manage a construction crew, you don't necessarily need to invest in the cost of owning and storing a crane for your use. Many companies today actually rent cranes of various sizes and for different applications, including heavy-duty cranes for high-rise construction and smaller cranes for building maintenance. Renting a crane can be a more affordable option for many contracting companies, but note a few important considerations when it comes to such a rental.

1. Understand what is meant by a bare rental

A bare rental means renting a crane without an operator. Most heavy-duty crane rentals will include an operator since these persons need to be trained in how to use the crane and in safety procedures for working onsite. However, a bare rental may be cheaper since it means not including that person with the crane.

If you opt for a bare rental, note that you need to have someone who is properly licensed working in the cab of your crane. Operating a heavy-duty crane is not like operating a bobcat or any other piece of equipment. Be sure you understand this terminology and what's required of you on the job site for a bare rental.

2. Know the clearance needed for each type of crane

A crane will usually need a certain amount of clearance between it and any structure, for safety and for proper operation and maneuverability. If your construction site is in a residential area or in the heart of a city, you will need to ensure you can fit a certain size crane safely on the site. Work with the rental agency to find the right size that will fit and that will provide the lifting capacity you need.

3. Know the accessories available

A crane can lift more than just steel beams and building materials; with the right winches and attachments, you can use your crane to lift personnel and even small tools. Many cranes come with platforms, buckets, scissor claws, and other attachments that can be useful on a jobsite.

If you need to have personnel at the top of your structure but haven't installed an elevator yet, use the platform attachment on a crane. Buckets can also hold smaller tools and parts securely so these are less likely to topple and injure someone on the ground. Note the various attachments and accessories available with your crane rental so you ensure you use it fully and for the most convenience on your site.

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