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Tips For Designing A Private Label Cosmetics Logo

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If you have decided to launch a private brand of cosmetics, you might have excellent product but you might not know how to market it. One of your first steps is creating a logo that will be able to draw the customer's eye and increase your sales. A great logo will also increase your overall brand recognition. Here are some tips for designing your private label cosmetics logo.

1. Make It Scalable by Staying Simple

Your first step is to look at the size of your products. You want to be sure that you are creating a logo that is going to either be able to fit within the borders of your proposed packaging and then be scaled up or down depending on future products that you create. You don't want to have a cramped looking logo that was originally designed for a huge bottle of lotion on a tiny bar of soap or a stick of lip balm.

One way to help ensure that your logo is going to scale correctly is to keep it relatively simple. If you are going to have the name of your brand on the logo rather than just an image, make sure that you choose a font that is easily readable regardless of the size. This means keeping the curlicues and swirls in the font to a minimum. If you are going to have an image, make sure that it is simple enough for people to be able to look at the image and immediately recognize it. If you want your image to be a flower, choose a simpler flower picture, rather than one that has a ton of lines. This will allow you to ensure that, when it is small, the colors will still shine through and not be obscured by dark outlines or shading.

2. Have the Image Match the Name

For example, if you are going to name your brand "bicycle cosmetics," include some sort of bicycle in your design. This might sound basic, but if your brand name and your logo don't have anything to do with one another, you are going to reduce the efficacy of the logo increasing brand recognition.

3. Include Different Sizes of Font for Different Pieces of Information

Finally, if you are really proud of where you are making your cosmetics and want to appeal specifically to those who are living in the area where you are creating them, consider having the name of your brand be a larger font and then have something like the phrase "made in Cleveland" in a smaller font on top or below the image in your logo or the name of your brand.

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