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5 Tips To Reduce Energy Costs While Running Your Commercial Refrigerator

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Commercial refrigerators are important for keeping foods and beverages cold while abiding by food manufacturing guidelines. If you aren't careful, however, your commercial refrigerator can use a lot of energy and cost you a lot in energy costs. Luckily, there are ways that you can reduce these costs while getting the most out of your commercial refrigeration unit. Follow these tips to enjoy increased savings for your company.

1. Install Strip Curtains

If you have not yet installed strip curtains on the doorway to your commercial refrigeration unit, you are missing out on a great way to save electricity. Strip curtains are simply long strips of heavy plastic that hang from the top of the doorway; they are designed to keep your cooler or freezer as cool as possible when people are walking in and out. Along with saving money, they can help keep food at a safe temperature when the doors are opened.

2. Keep the Lights Turned Off

Get your employees in the habit of turning the cooler light off when they walk out of the unit. It might not seem like much, but the lightbulb can waste energy in two ways. First of all, powering the lightbulb itself can cost your company money. Plus, the lightbulb can make the cooler warmer, which means that it has to work that much harder to keep food cold.

3. Encourage Employees to Keep the Door Shut

Employees might be tempted to use a crate or other item to keep the door propped open while they are working, but it's important to discourage this behavior as much as possible. Keeping the door open is like throwing money away, so unless it is necessary to prop open the door to cart in large loads, it is important to keep the door shut as much as possible.

4. Keep Items Away from the Coils

It can seem convenient to stack items around your cooler, but be careful about doing so around the coils. Your commercial refrigerator's coils need to be kept as cool as possible to help your unit operate efficiently, and stacking items near them can restrict the airflow, causing the coils to stay hot.

5. Keep Cracks Sealed

Small cracks can form on your commercial refrigerator over time. Make sure that you seal up these cracks with caulk to keep hot air out of your refrigerator and to help boost energy savings.

Your commercial refrigeration unit works hard for you and your company, and it probably uses a lot of energy. If you follow these five tips, however, you can help reduce the amount that your business spends on electricity each month. (For additional information, you can contact Sparks Refrigeration)